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When is this available? 

Santa's Grotto at Home is available ​between Tuesday 1st December and Wednesday 23rd December 2020.

How many children is this for?

As standard, a Video Message from Santa or a Video Call with Santa is for one or two children. 

Our Family Grotto Experience is a great option for larger families, and is suitable for up to six children and up to five screens can join.

How do I book for three or four children?

Follow this link to see our options to book for three or four children.

Alternatively, our Family Grotto Experience is a great option for larger families, and is suitable for up to six children and up to five screens can join.

Is this safe for my family? 

We take your safety very seriously and ensure that all Santa’s and Chief Elves have a valid DBS certificate. Please do supervise your children during your experience. While these events are best experience with your camera on, on Zoom you'll always have the option to turn off your camera. ​Your access links will be personal to your booking and password protected too. While very unlikely, any call that was accessed by an unknown person, it would be immediately terminated, and a new link would be issued for the call. 

My child is unsure or anxious about Santa. What will happen if they're unhappy on the call?

Santa is very professional and knows that ​all children will respond differently to a visit to Santa's Grotto, whether that's in person or from home. Each experience is personalised, and flexible in the moment to accommodate the children's need. Santa can always take a moment to check his nice list or eat a mince pie if you need a moment with your child. We can also adjust the time of the call to make it shorter, if that's more suitable for your child. If you have questions about adapting your Santa's Grotto at Home experience to accommodate your child's specific needs, please contact theelves@santasgrottoathome.com and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

About Santa and his Grotto

Will Santa discuss the childrens' Christmas list? 

Santa will personalise his interaction with the children, based on the information that you provide when you complete your booking. We like to focus on discussing who has been nice and what good deeds they've done this year. We'll promise we'll never promise a specific gift to a child.

What is the gift? 

The gift will be a small age appropriate gift, that can be opened in front of Santa. It will be wrapped, including a hand-written tag for each child. It will be sent via 1st class post to any UK address, before your time in the grotto.

Can I provide the gift instead?

Sure thing! Please let us know when you complete your booking that you would like to do that.

What does the grotto look like? 

It's magical! Think Christmas trees, warm twinkly lights and lots and lots of presents being prepared ready for Christmas deliveries.

Will Santa have a real beard?

We’re working to ensure that our Santas are as authentic as possible. They will be wearing professional quality beard pieces.

Can you make reference to something specific during our experience? 

We’re happy to personalise your experience as much as possible, and are committed to making your time in the grotto really special. Let us know as much detail as you can when booking, or send additional information to theelves@santasgrottoathome.com

How will we connect with Santa? 

Santa is a zoom pro now- he’s been practicing all year! At least 2 days before your Video Call with Santa or your Family Grotto Experience, you’ll be sent a zoom link with access password, specific to you.

Will we be able to see and hear Santa?

For sure! Santa will connect with you via Zoom and has a special HD camera and mic to make sure you can see and hear him and his Chief Elf nice and clearly. You’ll be able to talk too! and dance! and sing!

About your booking​

I've booked, now what?

Wonderful! You should already have received an initial confirmation e-mail from us. You will receive a second confirmation from us one week before your bookings, which will have a little more detail about what to expect on the day, your zoom access link and password for the call, information about how the gift will MAGICALLY appear and advice on how to use zoom if you're not sure. We'll also call you a few days before your booking to check that your gifts have arrived, and confirm that you're all set and ready for your time with us in the grotto.


How do I update the information I provided when I booked? 

Please contact theelves@santasgrottoathome.com if you’d like to update the information you’ve given us, so that we can personalise your booking and make it super magical - and accurate!

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